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About Mike Berke

Mike Berke spent most of his career in the financing industry.

In 1994 he authored Selling Equipment Leasing, published by the AMACOM division of The American Management Association.

An avid reader, he’s been writing fiction for the last several years.



About Bobby Cole

Bobby Cole, former bartender in Manhattan, now bodyguard’s full time, taking him into some tough and scary situations. In Hot Cole he began learning his new trade on the job, finding out just how bad some people can be when they’re driven by greed, lust or just plain old meanness. Cole Calling takes him even further along -from gambling casinos all the way up to the major leagues in more ways than one.

Along the way he gets to know a New York City Police Department SWAT team commander he met on a bodyguarding assignment. The commander’s now begun to use Bobby here and there for witness protection, leading to all sorts of life and death situations, now and in days to come.

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